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Minsk: Riot Police Detain Youth in T-shirts with Inscriptions 16 and Large Jeans Feast

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 3 September in different parts of Minsk riot police detained teenagers wearing dark-blue T-shirts with the inscriptions 16 and Large Jeans Feast. They didn’t accuse the detainees of anything, because wearing a T-shirt is not a crime. However, they violated the citizens’ rights by taking them to the police station in Internatsyianalnaia Street, putting down their personal information and then transferring to Minsk Tsentralny Borough Board of Internal Affairs. By a strange coincidence, the number of the detained persons was 16.

We should remember that the action the advertisement of which was on the T-shirts is to take place on 16 September. It will be devoted to the 7th anniversary of the kidnap of the politician Viktar Hanchar.

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