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Judge Rybakou ashamed?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Details of proposals made by judge Rybakou for accused Aliaksandar Kazulin became known during the recent meeting of the ex-candidate for the presidential post with his family. As the politicians press service reports, someone who introduced himself as Rybakous representative visited Kazulin and suggested removing all the information about judge Rybakou from the web-site of Aliaksandar Kazulin in exchange for the permission to meet with the family.

Aliaksandar Kazulin replied to the proposal: No haggling on it; and added: Having accused an innocent person, Rybakou will never regain peace of mind. And his children will curse him for having done that. On that day A.Kazulin told his family to address all question only to the chairperson of the Maskouski district court.

By the way, judge Rybakou refused to allow Kazulins daughter Volga to meet with her father during the legal proceedings, which Volga was told in the court chancellery. Judge Rybakou explained he hadnt replied to the request in written form because he had no time for writing.

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