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Young Activist Dzyanis Dzyanisau Disappeared

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

For a few days there has been no information about whereabouts of a young activist Dzyanis Dzyanisau, the United Civil Partys press service reports today. The young activist is also a member of the UCP. On July 22 in the evening Dzyanisau was to meet with his friends, but he didnt shown up. Since that time his phone was out of coverage. Dzyanisaus friends say that in their phone talks yesterday he constantly told that people in mufti were following him all the time since morning.

Friends of Dzyanis have been calling to police departments of Minsk, remand prisons in Akrestsyn and Valadarski Street, to hospitals all day and all night. But they failed to get any information. However, they were told in Belarusian KGB that they would be able to say something only on Monday.

Friends associate a disappearance or arrest of Dzyanis Dzyanisau with a criminal action brought up after Vitsebsk protests of Bunt (Riot), held on June 17-19. According to preliminary information, Dzyanis Dzyanisau and Tatsyana Yelavaya are alleged offenders in this case.

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