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Accused twice: details of Aliaksandar Kazulins sentence

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

July 18, ex-candidate for the Presidential post Aliaksandar Kazulin met with his wife and daughter and had a conversation with lawyer Igar Rynkievich. Aliaksandar Kazulin told them about the events of July 13 when the sentence - 5.5 years of imprisonment in general regime custody - was passed to him. A.Kazulin and the audience removed from the court hall, judge Rybakou read out the sentence to the public prosecutor, lawyers and court secretary.

Aliaksandar Kazulin wasnt taken to the investigation isolation jail after he had discussed the sentence with his lawyer. The prison escort said A.Kazulin was to return to the court cell. In the hall, a strange young man, the court secretary and 8 policemen - most likely escort officers - met A.Kazulin.

It was this stranger who read out the sentence to professor Kazulin instead of judge Rybakou. Kazulin was lying on the dock. The reading complete, the young man made an unsuccessful attempt to give the resolution of judge Rybakou to A.Kazulin for signing, and the sentence was mailed to the investigation isolation jail.

Lawyers refrain from giving legal evaluation for the sentence. Perhaps, Rybakous vanity didnt allow him to leave the moral victory to the accused, and he tried to put a final full stop in the case.

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