Ales Mazur summoned to court

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Opposition activist Ales Mazur, who was one of the initiators to hold a meeting of young opposition activists on Zaslauskaye reservoir, was summoned to court on July 18. He is charged with violation of environment legislature. A meeting of young members of public organizations, parties and ordinary young citizens was held May 13-14, in the Minsk region, at the bank of a reservoir. First the people who took part in the camp-action of protest on the central square of Minsk were invited.

When we arrived at the railway station Ratamka where the participants of the meeting were gathering, we saw people on muftis who were watching us heading to the meeting place. Inspectors of environment protection appeared in a while. They told me to read a resolution of the Minsk Region Executive Committee on the ban to visit forests because of high fire risk, and they were shooting me while I was reading. It was written in the case file that with organizing the meeting, I violated the environment legislature, and that the protocol was filed taking into account the identity of the infringer. But we gathered in the place equipped for public recreation, and there were no banning signs on the way there, - Ales Mazur said.

The administrative case was sent to the court of Svietlagorski district (Gomel region), the place where Ales Mazur lives. But since the infringer was away, he received the summon already after the date of the trial. The case is obviously initiated because the meeting was very significant: nobody would notice it if we had had a picnic, - A.Mazur deems.