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Belarusian Peoples Republic Council Demands Release of Political Prisoners

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Before the G8 summit in St. Petersburg the Belarusian Peoples Republics Council (BNR Rada) has addressed the leaders of the Western countries with a request to try all available measures to pressure on Lukashenkas regime.

In the address of the BNR Rada it is noted that a recent anti-humane verdict to the former candidate for presidency Alyaksandr Kazulin demonstrates that Lukashenkas regime is reinforcing crackdown on the civil society. At the same time it is a sign that present means of influencing Lukashenka are ineffective. It is worth mentioning that the Kramlin and its head Putin have never come out in support of the Belarusian democracy, and on the contrary, encourages the anti-Belarusian regime.

In such conditions, the BNR Rada underlines, West should chose maximally harsh ways of pressure on Putin. The main demands should be Lukashenkas removal from office, holding democratic elections under of the observation of the international community, but first of all  immediate release of all political prisoners, the BNR Radas address reads.

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