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Solidarity Day in Magiliou held on Central Square

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Young activists of several public and political organizations of Magiliou held an information picket in the very city center, in the so-called Start Square, on the Day of Belarusian solidarity with the families of Lukashenkas missing rivals. Three years ago the executive committee of the city moved all public performances dedicated to state holidays and festive regional events to this square.

For the first time have the young activists picked this place for holding the information picket on the Solidarity Day. About 8 p.m. more than 10 young boys and girls were standing on the square keeping portraits of Zakharanka, Ganchar, Krasouski, Zavadski. The mournful gallery also exhibited the portrait of Aliaksandar Kazulin, as reports.

In half an hour the picket participants were detained and taken to the two nearest police departments where regular police procedures were performed - protocols, person identification, testimonies.

All those detained refused to sign any papers since they didnt consider an official permission necessary for holding such an informing action. Neither did the police officers know what to do, so everyone was exonerated. Perhaps, the local human rights advocates who were present in the department stipulated for the favour the police showed. Giving exact references to the legislation, the advocates managed to prove further persecution of the young people was absolutely unreasonable.

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