Justice Department Of Mahilou Executive Committee Refused To Register Mahilou Branch Of Radio-electronic Industry Trade Union

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The official reply says that the trade union didnt accord the juridical address with the owner of premises. Alena Jeskava, branch lawyer, notes that Belarusan legislation doesnt presuppose additional documents for confirmation of juridical address. The only valid document is agreement with the owner. The authorities just flout with us, says Jeskava.
Head of trade union branch Halina Lisicyna states that local authorities have already decided to deny registration of the branch but the members of trade union do not agree with that. Several days ago a trade union meeting was held where the town organization was created. A set of necessary documents including accord about juridical address will be submitted to town executive committee soon.
At the same time, the activists of the trade union plan to hold a picket on July 25 with the purpose to attract public attention to the problem, reports Radio Liberty.