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Repressed People Protection Committee Sent Letter To G-8 Leaders

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The letter was handed to the embassies of USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia. The letter to Canadian Prime Minister was given through French embassy, reports Radio Liberty.
In two-page letter its authors enumerate all cases of repressions from the side of authorities towards opposition leaders and activists and call the leaders of G-8 countries to convince Uladzimir Putin to stop supporting official Minsk.
The appeal was initiated by head of the committee of protection of repressed people “Solidarity” Ina Kulej, wife of arrested leader of Social Democrats Alaksandr Kazulin Iryna Kazulina and relatives of arrested “Partnership” activists Timafej Dranchuk, Mikola Astrejka, Alaksandr Shalajka and Enira Branickaja.
The open letter was signed by almost 70 people.
On July 10 the initiators held a press conference. Iryna Kazulina, Vera Shalajka and Valer Dranchuk told about psychological pressure onto their husbands and son. The journalists asked about their steps if the Belausan issue won’t be raised at G-8 summit.
“I think since that moment every leader of state will carry personal responsibility for what is happening in Belarus”, said Iryna Kazulina.

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