Administrative Protocol Written Against Ihar Kryshton Detained For Slogans “Freedom To Kazulin!”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The posters “Freedom to Kazulin” demanding to set former candidate to presidential position free appeared today at almost all bus stops and advertisement boards. At night near one of such posters the policemen detained Ihar Kryshton, local activist and former member of Kazulin team.
“At the present moment the trial over Kazulin is on. We think it is not fair process. I was present at the process and know that none of Kazulin appeals and petitions were satisfied. So we decided to attract public attention to this trial. There were no cases in European countries for the last decade when former candidate for presidency appeared at dock. We conducted a poster campaign with the demand to release Kazulin. When we were sticking the last poster, the police arrived and detained me”, said the activist to Radio Liberty.
According to Kryshton, he had to spend in police department more than 8 hours as there were no people who might consider the case. Finally, the protocol was written, qualifying his actions as “violation of sanitary rules and placing of advertisements at improper place.”
The protocol is to be considered by administrative commission on July 16. Kryshton may be fined to 31000 BYR or warned for violation of article 143 of Administrative Code.