Hrodna Journalist And Human Rights Activist Uladzimier Khilmanovich Received Answer To Complaint Without Any Answers

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Uladizmier Khilmanovich received from Minsk Prosecutor’s Office official reply to his complaint. On May 11 at the private flat of Khilmanovich Hrodna KGB workers held two searches. The actions were sanctioned by Minsk City Prosecutor’s Office and related to the criminal case against non-registered organization “Partnership”. The KGB people took away all computers and printer belonging to Khilmanovich.
The human rights activist is convinced that the real aim of the searches was to deprive him of the possibility to conduct public and human rights activities. Similar confiscation he suffered in 2004.
As Khilmanovich told “Viasna” “Half an hour is enough to make sure that the confiscated equipment has nothing to do with “Partnership”. Nevertheless, two months have passed since the non-motivated confiscation of my private property. The reply from Minsk is ridiculous and violates all norms of legislation. At first I lodged a complaint to Hrodna regional prosecutor’s office where I complained about illegal searches on May 11, 2006 and systematic persecution. I gave concrete examples of illegal persecution. But Hrodna office didn’t answer a single question and forwarded the complaint to Minsk. A month later a reply came that doesn’t contain any answers to my complaint.
Hrodna journalist is planning to write another complaint.