Criminal Case Instigated Around Appearance Of “Bunt” (“Rebellion”) Initiative

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A range of civic actions were held in Viciebsk in June. Among them event commemorating Vasil Bykau, Belarusan literature classic, where about 500 people took part including Alaksandr Milinkevich, former candidate for presidency. At that day Kryscina Shacikava raised national white-red-white flag on the illumination post near summer amphitheatre. She was sentenced to a fine of approximately 2000 USD for that. Together with Shacikava several young people from “Bunt” initiative that distributed leaflets were detained by police.
As a result, a criminal case was instigated against students of European Humanitarian University Taciana Jelavaja from Minsk and Dzianis Dzianisau from Viciebsk. According to the official police statement “these people prepared and organized at the territory of Kastrychnicki district in Viciebsk a group unsanctioned action aimed at harsh violation of public order and disrupt of cultural events.” The most interesting thing is that the only cultural event in Kastrychnicki district at that time was “Bykau’s readings”, informs