Alaksandr Milinkevich Sent Letter To G-8 Leaders Who Are To Convene In Russia

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On July 7 leader of Belarusan democratic forces addressed the leaders of G-8 countries who are to convene on summit in Russia on July 15-17. He sent the letter to corresponding diplomatic missions that are accredited in Belarus. Embassies of United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, USA, France and Japan received the letter, the Russian embassy refused and advised Milinkevich to send the letter directly to Uladzimir Putin by mail, reports Radio Liberty.
Milinkevich hopes that Belarusan issue will be put on the agenda during the summit, he refers to his meetings and negotiations with leaders of the countries, participants of the mentioned summit.
In the letter Milinkevich turns attention to the probability of referendum on union state in the nearest future. This referendum may result in introduction of Russian ruble in Belarus or adoption of constitutional act of union state.
“It is very likely to be held simultaneously with local elections. This referendum can not be recognized as legitimate in Belarus and Russia should be aware of the attitude of democratic countries that do not recognize it a priori. That’s why, it is harmful for Russian authority on international scene to attempt incorporation of Belarus into Russia,” says Milinkevich.
In his words, “this referendum may lead to destabilization in Belarus. Any attempt to question independence of Belarusan state will cause strong negative reaction from the side of Belarusan society and will be treated as an Anschluss try. I believe that freedom and independence, democracy and independence are very closely connected and inseparable. There is no freedom without independence in Belarus. But if we do not fight for freedom, there will be no independence.”
Milinkevich called G-8 leaders to investigate validity of such referendum, to analyze consequences it may bring for sovereignty of Belarus the guarantees of which were given by big countries in Budapest declaration in 1994.