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Trade Union local branch denied registration

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

It is the third time that activists of the Belarusian Radio and Electronics Workers Union (REWU) try to register the primary organization in the Borisov City. Struggle for the REWU legal existence in this city has been going on for two years. Nickolay Pokhabov, the regional trade union representative said: For the first time we tried to register the organization at the Borisov Factory of Auto Tractor Electric Equipment (BATE). However, our people have been subjected to redundancy and the primary organization has broken up. Then, in the course of the second attempt the landlord has refused to give to us the legal address. Lets hope that all good things come in threes and this time we would succeed. This week the REWU activists are going to submit a package of documents to the City Executive Committee to register the city primary organization, uniting workers of four enterprises of the city. Officials would answer in a month. We have already gained authority in city. Workers know that the REWU would always assist and support them. However, it is very difficult to work without being registered. We do not have an office, we cannot invite lawyers, labor inspection specialists so that they could meet and consult workers, - said Nickolay Pokhabov. The trade union leader has noted as well that city authorities and enterprise management exert rigid pressure upon members of independent trade union. According to Nickolay Pokhabov recently six REWU activists have been forced to leave work because of their trade union activity, some people have been made redundant and others have been refused to have their employment contract extended. Nickolay Pokhabov says: It is very difficult to work in such conditions, it is impossible to divulge information about our members. Just now I would have to submit documents to the City Executive Committee and mention surnames of five activists. To be perfectly honest, I do not know whose surnames I shall mention ensuring that people do not suffer. Nevertheless, workers go [and join] the REWU. In 2006 alone despite of counteraction of authorities and employers, the number of trade union members has gone up by 25%.

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