Victims of political repressions undergo treatment in Lithuania

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A group of Belarusians, including oppositional politicians and family members of victims of political repressions, will undergo medical treatment in Lithuania, June 12-22. As the UCP press service reports, the group also includes human rights activist Valery Schukin, Tatsiana Kaspiarovich - the mother of exonerated Dzmitser Kaspiarovich, Viyaletta Niadzielka - the mother of imprisoned Enira Branitskaya, activists of the UCP Zinaida Tsimoshak from Slutsk and pensioner Galina Gancharyk from Minsk, as well as pensioner Uladzimir Shadenka from Vitsiebsk region, who was beaten by OMON soldiers.

Uladzimir Shadenka is a former juvenile prisoner of Auschwitz Concentration Camp in O[wncim and the son of a Red Army commander who was killed in the first days of the war. During the dispersal of the peaceful demonstration in Minsk, video cameras broadcast the picture of Uladzimir Shadenka taken to the ER vehicle with an open trauma of the head. But he was pushed away from Minsk hospital #4 in three hours. In his sic- list, its stated that he was drunk, while on that day Uladzimir Shadenka drove 300 km from his village to Minsk.

The medical rehabilitation of victims of political repressions and their family members has been carried out for 1 year, - Ludzmila Graznova, the head of the Remedial Alliance remarked. - These people get the necessary treatment and take an 11-day vacation in the wonderful sanatorium Draugiste (Friendship) in Druskininkai in a separate building, in the first class rooms.
The programme is fulfilled with the assistance of the Norwegian government and Lithuanian deputy Rasa Jukneviciene; the Belarusian part is represented by the UCP and Remedial Alliance.