Arrests in Svetlahorsk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Two people were detained in Svietlagorsk in the evening of June 12 for placing a poster Svietlagorks for Freedom! on an information stand.

The poster was fixed on the central square of the town by non-party Natallia Bordak and BNF member Telman Masliukou. Patrol police officers that were passing by the square took the poster away and ordered N.Bordak and T.Masliukou to go to the district interior department to clarify personalities (although T.Masliukou showed his driving license).

In the department, policemen spent 30 minutes filing report and protocol of the poster withdrawal. Moreover, they called to Gomel to verify the validity of the personal data given by the detained. N.Bordak and T.Masliukou asked why the protocol of detention wasnt filed, but the police officers said they hadnt detained anyone and that the arrested arrived to the police department of their own free will.

On June 13, N.Bordak and T.Masliukou addressed the head of the district police department inquiring why the protocol of detention hadnt been filed and asking to give the poster back in order to fix it on the same place.