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Pavel Seviarynets invited to World Assembly Civicus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Assembly named World Alliance for Citizen Participation will take place on June 21-25 in Scotland. Pavel Seviarynets who is now serving his term for organizing an action in protest against the official results of the 1994 referendum was invited to take part in the assembly, which deals with issues of freedom of associations and NGOs.
We understand that due to current circumstances you will not be able to come, but we have the honor to send you a symbolic invitation.  say the organizers. They also inform a special vacant seat with Seviarynets photos will be left in the conference hall. This will be done in order to attract the world communitys attention to the harassment of public activists in Belarus, as well as to express solidarity with the political prisoners of the country. The participants of the assembly are expected to send Pavel Seviarynets solidarity postcards.

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