Lawyer Stankevich visited Autukhovich in jail

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Nadzeia Statkevich informed him about the results of the trial on June 8, which he missed because of poor health. He was sorry to hear that the trial had been suspended, while Iury Liavonaus case would still be considered in court.

According to the lawyer, the detainee received several letters of his colleagues and relatives pleading him to stop the hunger-strike and save his life. He said he would stop dry hunger-strike, so that he could take part in the trial. Doctors think that it is impossible to do without water for 20 days, while Stankevich says he may be receiving nutrition through a dropper, but not eating or drinking himself.
His life was saved twice with the help of a dropper when he lost consciousness.
According to the lawyer, Autukhovich informed the chief warden about stopping the dry hunger-strike. She adds that he receives an excellent medical treatment in prison. On Monday he was examined by a commission of doctors but refused to be taken to hospital.
He faces from 3 to 7 years of imprisonment for failing to pay BYR 679 mln of taxes within 26 months. He had been also previously fined for violating cash payments regulations.