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Zhlobin: Youth Activist Eduard Zeliankou Fined 62 000 Rubles

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 5 June in Zhlobin (Homel region) the administrative commission of Zhlobim District Executive Committee ruled to fine the local activist Eduard Zeliankou for Bored with Him! stickers.

The matter is that three youngsters were detained by the KGB and accused of posting such stickers. Two other detainees have been already fined. According to the testimonies of the other two detainees, I didnt post the stickers. In addition, no stickers were found in my belongings during the detention. I also explained it at the sitting of the commission. However, the local police inspector stated that I also posted them.

The chair of the commission A.Hubarevich said that testimony of one policeman is more important than many testimonies of other persons. The commission ruled to fine the activist 62 000 rubles for distribution of printed editions that were produced with violations of the established order, have no imprint and the content of which is aimed at doing harm to the state and public order, rights and legal interests of citizens.

According to Mr Zeliankou, the level of the commissions work can be illustrated with the following fact: in 15 minutes after the beginning of the sitting one of the commission members stated: All of them are guilty  one of them held a sticker, the second one held a brush and the third one put the glue on. Eduard Zeliankou had to say that in the case she had been more attentive while familiarizing with the materials of the administrative case she would have noticed that the stickers were self-adhesive.

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