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Former tent camp participants agree on a declaration.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

More than 100 youth activists, participants of the tent camp at Kastrychnitskaia Square, gathered near Ratamka on May 13-14. They went to the countryside not only to have rest, but to discuss their further actions. According to Human Rights Center “Viasna” as a result a declaration was announced:
We, the citizens of Belarus who took part in the protests during the actions on March 19-24 at Kalinouski (Kastrychnitskaia) Square and those who were unite with them, despite the repressions against us, continue the fight for the democracy in our country.
We long for widening of our circle in order to reject the dictator regime from the government through non-violent resistance all together.
We cooperate through:
1. the interchange of ideas, resources, experience in the questions of non-violent resistance.
2. providing of interaction between people who share our aims.
3. mutual aid.

We work decentralized and our community is based on a common goal and informational connections.
The forms of our activities everyone chooses personally.
At most we are just common citizens, but there are representative of different social and political organizations, movements, social initiatives and youth groups among us. We are not a political union and act independently and on our own.
Our activity is not aimed at self-advertisement. No one has the right to perform on behalf of all of us.
We’ll be free! We won’t stop the fight!

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