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Uladzimir Katsora got a reply from a prosecutor to his application to call to court the false witnesses.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to NGO Assembly press-cutting service.
Even when the witnesses are lying in court they may not be brought to book - that’s the essence of the prosecutor’s office reply. Uladzimir Katsora was the chairman of Homel region headquarters of Aliaksandr Milinkevich. Uladzimir Katsora asked the prosecutor’s office to bring to book S. Niaznaieu who was acting as the deputy chairman of the 2nd Homel Chyhunachny borough police department and Mr. Smirnou and Mr. Korzh. As Mr. Katsora reported these people gave false witnesses that Mr. Katsora was beating Mr. Smirnou. Police captain S. Niaznaieu who was leading Mr. Katsora detention witnessed in court that the civil activist was resisting arrest. According to this the court sentenced Uladzimir Katsora to 15 days of imprisonment - from March 18th till March 27th. Uladzimir Katsora considers the case to be absolutely false. He was on a hunger strike during all the term of imprisonment.

In the reply signed by the prosecutor, the chief assistant of justice Ramaniuk, is stated that “the law doesn’t imply responsibility for giving false witnesses when considering administrative cases” so one may not be brought to book. It looks as if during administrative cases the witnesses may lye and have no responsibility for it.

“From the imprisonment term it is clear that the government arrested Uladzimir Katsora for the period of the expected civil political activity” - a chairman of Homel city branch of the public association “Legal Initiative” Laenid Sudalenka considers.

There’s still no reply to the application connected with the second Uladzimir Katsora’s 15 day arrest - in April. This arrest coincided with “Charnobylski Shliakh”.

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