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The after-elections events in Belarus are to be presented at a prestigious international festival in Venice "Prix Italia" in the report “Zhyvie Belarus!”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The report of two radio journalists, the Belarusians from Bialostok Iaraslau Ivaniuk and Iurka Liashchynski who work for Radio Bialostok, tells about several day protests which took place in Belarus after the false elections in Belarus. The report will also tell about the tent camp at Kastrychnitskaia Square. The report called Zhyvie Belarus! (Long Live Belarus!) will represent the polish journalism at international festival in Venice "Prix Italia".

It should be mentioned that on March 17 Iurka Liashchynski was headed to Belarus to cover the elections. But despite the accreditation he and his colleagues were prevented from entering Belarus. Mr. Liashchynski managed to enter Belarus only at his second attempt, Radio Svaboda reports.

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