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Svetlahorsk: Former Defender of Tent Camp Andrei Muzychenka Is Fired

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In Svetlahorsk (Homel region) a 20-year-old young activist Andrei Muzychenka has been fired out. Andrei worked at a district communications center as an apprentice of an electrician.

He had written an application and asked for a 15-days’ leave.

In several days the director of our communications centre, Aliaksandr Baliankou, called me. As far as I have understood from his words, it would be better not to return to my work, as other workers would have problems because of me. That is why I was forced to write a letter of resignation from my position due to a desire to terminate my employment. After that I learnt that KGB officers had a conversation about me with my administration. I think that a demand to resign was a result of this conversation,” Andrei told to .

Previously Andrei was detained by police for participation in solidarity actions on the 16th day of every month. On March 24 he was detained in Minsk for 15 days for living in a tent camp on Kastrychnitskaia Square. Andrei is an active participant of community life. He is the head of one of the youth organizations of the Society of Belarusian language.

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