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Newark, NJ, USA. About 350 law students from 13 American law schools signed the petition addressed to the Belarussian Government, urging to stop human rights violation in Belarus.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

This action was initiated by the Belarussian students who currently study in American law schools. They e-mailed the text of the petition to many American law schools, and hundreds of American law students responded by signing the petition and faxing it back to the organizers of the action.

“It is inspiring that many American law students signed the petition despite being busy with their Spring-term exams,” - said Eugenie Voitkevich, a student of Seton Hall Law School in Newark, USA who is also a citizen of Belarus

“American law-students represent the elite part of American youth, and they will frame future development of American international policy. It is important that this important part of American students cares about the bitter situation in Belarus and wants to see Belarus as an independent democratic country and partner of the United States in international relations,” - said Voitkevich.

Here is the text of the petition:

We, the students of American law schools, express our deepest concern about the human rights violations in Belarus and denounce the ungrounded imprisonment of political dissidents.

The freedoms of speech and association are among the basic human rights which must be protected in any democratic society.

We strongly urge the Belarussian Government to discontinue the disgraceful practice of discharging students from universities for expressing their political beliefs and release all political prisoners immediately.

We shall be monitoring the situation in Belarus and documenting all human rights violations. Our hearts today are with Belarussian students and people who struggle against the totalitarian regime.

The petition was signed by about 350 students from the following American law schools:

- Seton Hall University Law School (New Jersey)
- New York University School of Law (New York)
- William Mitchell College of Law (Minnesota)
- University of Virginia School of Law (Virginia)
- University of Richmond School of Law (Virginia)
- The George Washington University Law School (Washington DC)
- Suffolk University Law School (Massachusetts)
- University of Denver Strum College of Law (Colorado)
- Regent University School of Law (Virginia)
- Northwestern University School of Law (Illinois)
- University of Michigan Law School (Michigan)
- Liberty University School of Law (Virginia)
- University of Arkansas School of Law (Arkansas)

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