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Babruisk: Court Justifies Preventively Detained Activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

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Mikita Bytsenka, Aliaksei Radomski and Iury Svetlakou intended to come to Minsk and take part in Chernobyl Way action, but were preventively detained by the police on 26 April on accusation of ‘antisocial behavior’.

The trial was protracted for 8 days, but came to an end on 3 May: the judge justified the defendants because of absence of the sufficient evidence of their guilt. The matter is that the police failed to present the necessary number of witnesses of the ‘antisocial behavior’ of the detainees. The court gathered four times, but didn’t see any other witnesses of the ‘antisocial behavior’ except for the policemen who had detained the youngsters.

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