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Baranavichy: Trials of Mikita Sasim and His Supporters

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 4 May in Baranavichy there started the trial of the activist of Zubr movement Mikita Sasim. The court considered the criminal case that was brought against Mr Sasim for alleged evasion from military service. The actions of solidarity with Mikita Sasim continue all over Belarus. Hundreds of fly-sheets with his photo have been posted all over Minsk during the last week. In addition, somebody hanged out large banners ?#152;Freedom to Sasim!’ on the bridges in the center of the city.

During the trial Mr Sasim solicited for advocatory services. He asked the judge to admit to the trial Aliaksandr Halieu in the capacity of his lawyer. On 4 May Mr Halieu was busy defending the interests of other youth activist, Artur Finkevich. That’s why the trial of Mikita Sasim was postponed to 11 May.

On 4 May the court of Baranavichy and Baranavichy district tried the youth activists Katsiaryna Dziatkouskaia, Anastasia Korshun and Liubou Kuchynskaia. All of them were detained at night of 3-4 May for distribution of the flyers with the urge to release the youth activist Mikita Sasim. The detainees were found guilty of petty hooliganism (article #156 of the Code of Administrative Violations) and fined 62 000 rubles each.

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