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A legal investigation about the liquidation of the oldest Belarusian creative organization The Union of Belarusian Authors is to take place at the Supreme Court on April 28 at 10 AM

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The reason for the suit of Ministry of Justice was the absence of the original of the charter, wrong design of the seal, the emblem “Pahonia” at the gate to the Union and holding in the building of Dom Litaratara a congress of Belarusian Social Democraric party “Hramada”. The building though doesn’t belong to the UBA. The previous session was held on April 6 but was postponed to April 13 for the reason of the change of a lawyer by a civil organization. On 13th the court put off the session to April 28.
The friends of the Union of Belarusian Authors are sure that the case is drawn up in favour of a new Union of the Autors of Belarus headed be Mikalai Charhinets.
On March 2 a Minsk court satisfied the appeal of the President Administration which is the owner of the building and had been trying to move the Union from it since 1997. It also claims to pay 55 million rubles for rent.

So the officials continue the pressure on the famous independent organization.

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