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The united democratic forces of Belarus leader Aliksandr Milinkevich congratulated the Human Rights center Viasna on the 10 year anniversary.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Dear Viasna and its members!

As is well known, today’s conditions of the repressions against activists of democratic movement puts great aims before those who take the responsibility for future Belarus and especially before human rights fighters. One of the main aims is the defense and help to everyone who carries the word of truth and hope not considering the pressure and total control, persecutions, prohibitions and violence. I may say that Viasna is achiving the aim going through the repressions of the government.

The Belarusian regime aims to personal absolute, total authority. It’s not interested in human rights. As the rights constrain the authority. I see the main duty of the rights fighters in it. The society should feel secure to be strong, as only a strong society may force the government to take into consideration the moral and legal norms which constrain the longing of the government to total power over the society.
Human rights center is one of the necessary parts of the society. You defend the human dignity, and it’s a royal occupation.
I heartily wish you to defend everyone who struggling against lawlessness claims help thoroughly. Be the first in this occupation and don’t pay attention to the strikes of the fate.
We’ll win together!
Long live Bealrus!

Aliaksandr Milinkevish,
The united democratic forces leader.

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