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Slutsk: Young Front Holds Action against Lying Propaganda of Belarusian State TV

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Members of Slutsk and Salihorsk branches of the unregistered organization held an action of protest against the deceitful propaganda of the Belarusian state TV, especially the BT TV channel. They hanged a large transparency ‘BT Lies’ in the center of Slutsk, in the square near the Culture Palace. Besides, the inscriptions ‘BT Lies’ and ‘Don’t Believe to BT’ started to appear there. BT logos are stuck on litter bins.

A participant of the action said: ‘People must know the truth! The state mass media don’t want to show it to us. Moreover, they deliberately distort the sense of the events that take place in the country and boldly lie to the Belarusian people. At the same time, the independent mass media are liquidation with the use of unbelievable methods. Nasha Niva is the latest example. That’s why we will take all efforts to change this terrible situation. We also urge all concerned people to join such action and foster the distribution of independent information about Belarus.’

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