Chair of Belarusian State TV and Radio Company and Presidential Advisor Haven’t Come to Cuba because of Restrictions Applied to Them after Presidential Election in Belarus

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The departure of the plane of the Belarusian official governmental delegation headed by the Belarusian prime-minister Siarhei Sidorski to Cuba was postponed for an hour as the authorities of Canada refused to allow the Belarusian plane refuel at its territory. The plane of the Prime Minister of Belarus is to land in the USA. The blacklisted Belarusian officials are staying in Minsk.

As Interfax information agency has found out from governmental sources, two refueling stops, in Iceland and Canada, were planned on the flight Minsk-Havana. The Icelandic side was not against allowing the plane of the Belarusian prime minister to land. Among the members of the delegation there were two officials included in the list of the Belarusian officials for whom entry to the EU countries is banned: the Chairman of the Belarusian State TV and Radio Company Aliaksandr Zimouski and one of the members of presidential administration Aleh Pralialskouski.

Iceland consented to the landing of the Belarusian plane under the condition that these two officials would not leave the plane. However the Canadian side, as said by the source, refused to accept the plane of the Belarusian prime minister at its territory in the case the abovementioned persons stayed onboard.

The plane with Siarhei Sidorski and other members of the official delegation departed to Cuba. The program of the visit includes a meeting with Fidel Castro.