Pro-governmental Youth Union Now Has Its Combatant Troops

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to readers of the pro-governmental state organization Belarusian National Youth Union (BRSM) now has its own combatant forces. It includes at least two clubs - the patriotic club Valour, Honor, Courage and the club of law and order protection Panther.

The patriotic club Valour, Honor, Courage is a structural part of Minsk Pershamaiski Borough Committee of BRSM and conducts measures on patriotic upbringing of youth. The list of actions includes visits to monuments and looking after them, marches to places of military glory, studies of history, hand-to-hand fighting trainings and shooting from service weapons. The state structures give all possible kinds of support. For instance, about 120 members of Valour, Honor, Courage are trained hand-to-hand fighting at the military camp in Uruccha suburb in Minsk. There’s nothing wrong with physical training, but another thing is quite indicative: the coaches are members of Minsk branch of National-socialist Society (NSO) that has its main headquarters in Russia.

At the same time, NSO members are active participants of BRSM. Valour, Honor, Courage club used to be headed by the man with the name Tadevush. Recently he has departed to Russia, which became the reason for his exclusion from BRSM. He is an active participant of NSO and actively participated in the ‘defense’ of the Belarusian Embassy in Moscow from ‘democratic elements’ during the voting of 19 March 2006.

Other NSO participants continue their activity in the club. Members of Panther intend to enter the Academy of Internal Affairs and have certificates of police practitioners. Their training includes the list of activities similar to that of Valour, Honor, Courage. It is quite interesting that Panther was also established by Minsk Pershamaiski Borough BRSM committee and its activity is controlled by the first secretary of the committee S.Charniak.