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Artistic Director of Moscow Theater Sovremennik Galina Volchek Is Indignant at Use of Her Name by Lukashenka’s Propagandists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

‘I found about this terribly graceless story from journalists. Lukashenka’s adherents used me in the most bold and unashamed way possible’, stated Galina Volchek in her interview to the Russian weekly Argumenty i Fakty. ‘The situation was as follows: last summer I came to Belarus, first of all to visit my father’s city and find his house. Besides, I had master-classes appointed. At one of these meetings I was asked: ‘What are your impressions of Minsk?’ I answered something like ‘After more than 20 years I spent living outside this city I find it has become considerably cleaner and brighter.’ My answer was videoed and half a year later it became a part of an electoral ad. These people didn’t even have enough courage to phone me and ask for permission. I fell a victim to their forgery. So, in the case tomorrow they write on the web that I was running across Krasnaya Square and danced twist, don’t believe them, please.’

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