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Anatol Liabedzka, Chair of United Civil Party, Initiates Establishment of International Tribunal of Public Opinion for Lukashenka’s Regime

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the UCP press service

The chair of the United Civil Party Anatol Liabedzka has taken part in the round table Lessons of Non-violent Resistance in Belarus and Perspectives of Its Continuation and voiced there the idea of the establishment of the international tribunal of public opinion for Lukashenka’s regime.

Mr Liabedzka emphasized that this initiative is much wider than the topic of the round table and has a direct connection to the past and the future of Belarus. Doubtlessly, it concerns the interests of the main political players. The discussions about the establishment of such institution have started long ago.

‘I view it as a wise, necessary and doubtlessly useful step’, commented Anatol Liabedzka. ‘The international tribunal of public opinion for Lukashenka’s regime and the ideology of Luashism is a magnifying glass and we propose to look at the Belarusian reality through it. It is necessary to give an analysis, a political, juridical and moral assessment of the things that have happened during the last two years. There’s no other way to destroy many myths and stereotypes and remove the secrecy grading from many situations and processes. I promise that it will be very interesting,’ said Mr Liabedzka.

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