Andres Herkel: Russian Deputies Recognize Completely Different Values

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Andres Herkel, Rapporteur on Belarus and Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’s (PACE) Belarus subcommittee, told RFE/RL that the resolution of the Assembly looks exactly the way he wanted to see it. ‘I am satisfied with the final text of the Resolution, and amendments even improved it. The words of Russian deputy Viktor Kolesnikov show the great difference between, for instance, my estimation of the election and the estimation by Russian representatives, and that it’s a great problem. The majority has supported my report however,’ Mr Herkel said.

During the debate in the PACE, Mr Herkel stated that ‘Western countries and Russia recognize completely different values’ in assessing elections in Belarus. I asked whether there is a chance for understanding in this affair between the majority of the PACE deputies and Russian deputies in the future.

’Nothing is made in one day, but politicians should respect some values, have a sincere approach towards the developments, and then the ways for a dialogue could be found. Certainly, there are different appraisals of election in Belarus, we should frankly admit that. That is why I believe that we should continue discussing that, at the level of the Committee or at other levels,’ the Rapporteur said.