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Aleh Dziachkou and Viktar Vaichuk – Disemployed for Public and Political Activity

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On return to Mahiliou after the 15 days of arrest for participation in the protest action in Minsk Aleh Dziachkou found out he had been fired from the secondary school where he taught a special course on history and culture of Mahiliou. It’s worth mentioning that Mr Dziachkou has recently been elected the chair of Mahiliou branch of Belarusian Language Society. In an unofficial talk representatives of the school administration sincerely explained to the activist, that they weren’t guided by the evil wish to hurt him, but rather cared about their own security, because after the information about his arrest different control and administrative instances started paying extraordinary attention to the school.

The citizen of Vaukavysk Viktar Vaichuk was disemployed after he composed a complaint to the procurator’s office. The matter is that during the electoral campaign the police searched his flat. They explained the search with the fact that he was suspected of relation to the political graffiti that appeared in Vaukavysk. These suspicions turned to be wrong. Then Mr Vaichuk applied to Vaukavysk District Procurator’s Office asking to explain the reasons why the police searched the flat. Despite the pressurization from the side of the law machinery, he refused to refuse from the complaint. Then he was fired. He used to work as electro-mechanic at the private enterprise Mix. The chair of Mix Uladzimir Melnik refused to comment on the fact of disemployment to the press-service of the Assembly of NGOs.

Mr Vaichuk has already composed one more complaint, this time to the Procurator General. He asks to explain what are the legal grounds for the search in the case he has no relation to the political graffiti.

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