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President of Georgia Awards Honor Orders to Journalists Who Were Detained in Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 9 April the president of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili awarded the orders of honor to the Georgian TV journalists Nino Georgobiani and Giorgi Lagidze, who were detained in Minsk during the elucidation of the presidential election in Belarus. At the award ceremony Mr Saakashvili said the journalists demonstrated their devotion to democracy and the Belarusian authorities, who didn’t want to hear the truth about themselves, imprisoned the journalists. ‘You have demonstrated real courage. The whole Georgia was anxious about you and the authorities have done everything possible to get you released,’ -- he added.

Minsk: Activists of Movement of Belarusian Solidarity Razam! Fly to Sky Hundreds of Black Balloons to Demonstrate Nature of Present Regime and Inauguration

Many Belarusians know that the election was falsified. Enormous repressions that were applied towards the Belarusian society by the regime make it equal to the most odious regimes of the world. That’s why black color in honor of the ‘coronation’ wasn’t chosen occasionally. Balloons were flown from the center of Minsk, despite the fact that the ways to the place of ‘coronation’ were blocked. Ianka Kupala Square, where the initiative’s activists intended to gather at first, were blocked by the police busses and cars, that’s why the action was transferred to other places.

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