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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On April 3 about a hundred students held a flash mob in main Minsk post office. Having crerated a huge line, they started to fill in receipts to transfer money compensation to Minsk Sewerage Company for the rally on Kastrychnitskaya Square.
The reason was the statement of the Company representatives who told the TV viewers that the rally participants had made significant damage to the city. The students considered it their civic duty to reimburse the costs. Each student transferred 100, 500, or 1000 BYR.
At first the post office administration could not understand what happened and why such a huge line was created in the end of the workday. Soon riot police in civil clothes and the leadership of the city police appeared at the post office. They were in utter confusion because nobody could think of a reason to detain the young people.
During the flash mob the post office security guards detained a police cameraman for a short time because he refused to show his ID card to them. That made the Minsk city police chief and his colleagues very unhappy, reports RFE/RL.


During the last week young people in Minsk washed a Russian flag in a basin which turned into the Soviet flag after the washing, returned the “dope” back to the Belarusian TV, showed their backs to the big screen broadcasting the BTV news on Kastrychnitskaya Square with covered ears and eyes shouting: No Trust! Young people also pierced balloons shouting: “Union state between Russia and Belarus is a hollow balloon!”

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