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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

RFE/RL reports, the police has searched the apartments of Siarhei Lisichonak, Alaksei Shein, Aleh Korban and Barys Haretski. The search warrants were signed by Viktar Viaher, deputy head of KGB, and Piotr Miklashevich, Prosecutor General. It is noteworthy that the police have searched not the apartments where the guys are officially registered, but where they really live. Barys Haretski told RFE/RL: “I live at my grandfather’s – and am registered at another place. They’ve been waiting for 24 hours until somebody leaves the apartment – then they burst in and searched the whole place – they went through every book! The search lasted for several hours. The police seized 60 copies of Pavel Severynets’s book, and some trifles”.
After the searches Lisichonak, Korban, and Haretski were taken to KGB office for interrogation. The KGB pressed criminal charges against them and made them sign secrecy pledges. Criminal charges are also pressed against Zmitser Dashkevich who had been arrested for 15 days. The activists are accused of activity on behalf of the unregistered youth organization “Young Front”. At present investigators interrogate regional members of the organization.

Three Young Front members from Babruisk are now serving terms in Zhodzina and Akrestsina jails for participation in Minsk protests. KGB is looking for 3 other YF activists. Valer Matskevich from Babruisk told RFE/RL: “Babruisk KGB summoned a guy (I would not tell his name) for interrogation. They were interested in 3 people – all activists of Young Front: where they were, how they could find them. I know that they were also following me. I don’t live at home now because I know they are looking for me as well. I can also tell you about, so to speak, pressure through a military registration and enlistment office. All activists of Milinkevich’s HQ and Young Front members received call-up papers to come there. Otherwise they threaten to press criminal charges”.

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