Journalists of Ukrainian 5th Channel Aren’t Let to Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


At night between 14 and 15 March the Belarusian guards led out of the train Kyiv-Minsk the journalists of the Ukrainian TV Vitaliy Doroshenko and Andriy Zhyhulin without any explanations. The journalists had official accreditation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus for professional activity during the presidential election.

‘At about 1 a.m. in Tsiarokha station the border guards took away from me and the cameraman of the 5th Channel Vitaliy Doroshenko the passports and the accreditation cards that had been issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus’, -- said Andriy Zhyhulin. ‘They returned the documents only when we got out of the train. For more than two hours the border guards kept us in a small room. They didn’t give any explanations and played computer games, saying they were checking our documents.’

At about 3.30 a.m. there came one more border guards and told the journalists to follow him. He took them to the train Minsk-Kyiv. They were driven to the Ukrainian territory and again lead out.

We should also remind that on 12 March in Minsk during a live program the police detained the officially accredited correspondent of the 5th Channel Hanna Horozhenko. She was released only after the Ukrainian Embassy found about it and took the appropriate measures.

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