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Hrodna: Policeman Beats Representative of Kazulin’s Headquarters

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

In the evening of 14 March in Hrodna the representative of the electoral headquarters of Aliaksandr Kazulin was violently beaten by a policeman. It happened when Mr Voran was distributing the agitation flysheets of Kazulin at a dormitory of the factory of car aggregates.

At 8 p.m. M.Voran was at the ambulance hospital, to which he was driven from the police station. His cell was guarded by a policeman. In his telephone interview to RFE/RL Mr Voran said : ‘While I was throwing the agitation materials into postboxes, the policeman Mikalai Haliakevich took me by shoulder, proposed to stop distributing the materials and started to call a police patrol. When I asked why, the policeman answered the election had already started and the agitation was prohibited. Then he proceeded to threats. I took out my mobile and started phoning to the defense lawyer Uladzimir Kisialevich. When he saw it, he twisted my arm and hit me head against wall. I don’t remember the following events well enough - I only remember that I was taken to a police station.’

From the hospital the police drove Mikalai Voran to a detention center. He managed to say about it to Uladzimir Kisialevich by the phone, the after which the police grabbed the mobile.

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