Navapolastsk: Polling Station Election Commission #11 Doesn’t Register Observers from Democratic Organizations

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 13 March polling station commission #11 in Navapolatsk refused to register as observers Mikhail Chaadaieu and Valer Shauchenka, representatives of the Belarusian National Club of Electors. The commission informed them that the corpus of observers had been already formed and only seven persons could take part in the monitoring. Mr Shauchenka demanded the written explanation why only seven observers could be present at the polling station and received the paper according to which it was connected ‘with small room of the polling station and the fire security’.

The same day similar refusals were given to two other representatives of Belarusian National Club of Electors who tried to get registered as observers at a polling station in the suburb of Baravukha.