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Horki: Police Confiscates Oppositional Printed Production

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the press-service of the Assembly of NGOs

On 12 March a major of a fire brigade and unknown person in plain clothes came to the garage where the public activist Eduard Brokarau kept the agitation materials. They said it was necessary to check the fire security of the garage. In several minutes they went away. Then the main in plain clothes returned with the deputy chair of Horki District Board of Internal Affairs (DBIA) Uladzimir Koushyn and three more officers.

They entered the opened garage without permission and didn’t show any documents. They immediately started the searched. As a result, they confiscated a large number flyers and booklets with agitation for Aliaksandr Milinkevich and Aliaksandr Kazulin, despite the fact that all these materials were legally printed and contained the data-line. They also confiscated about 1 000 copies of the officially registered newspaper Narodnaia volia and 50 copies of Horatski vybar.

E.Brokarau demanded from the man in plain clothes to show his documents, but the man refused and only said he was probationer at the DBIA. Lieutenant-colonel Koushyk didn’t react to Brokarau’s remarks either. The police searched the garage and counted the number of the confiscated flyers and newspapers without witnesses and took the confiscated items to the DBIA. Eduard Brokarau was let go. Later the police came to his house, took him to a police station and started questioning him. He refused to testify and they again released him, promising to inform him about the results of their check-up in three days. Mr Brokarau said he was preparing complaint to Horki District Election Commission and the procurator’s office.

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