Mahiliou: Authorities Permit to Milinkevich’s Proxy Siarhei Kaliakin to Meet with Electorate… at City’s Outskirts

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

On the eve of the meeting with the electorate in Mahiliou with the proxy of Aliaksandr Milinkevich Siarhei Kaliakin the chair of Mahiliou regional headquarters of A.Milinkevich Uladzimir Shantsau applied to Mahiliou City Executive Committee and informed the officials they were going to arrange such meetings at working collectives and higher educational establishments. The officials answered that according to their decision such meetings could only take place at the city’s Culture Hose or the open joint-stock company Zadniaprouie.

Mr Kaliakin said that meetings with the electoral at the outskirts of the city didn’t conform to the requirements of the electoral legislation. ‘Should we meet with you in a forest’, -- asked Kaliakin the meeting participants. They answered with laughter.

So, on 6 March in Mahiliou the meeting of Siarhei Kaliakin with the electorate took place in the center of the city. About 150 citizens of Mahiliou came to listen to him. Agitators handed out flysheets. People asked Kaliakin about the contract system of employment, the fate of the missing politicians, the legality of the existence of the presidential financial fund and the perspective of the election.

The police of Mahiliou Leninski Borough Board of Internal Affairs also paid especial attention to the meeting which they called unauthorized picket. Two policemen even tried to stop the meeting, but Mr Kaliakin showed them his proxy certificate and the present people expressed their protest against the lawlessness, after which the policemen had to go away. After the end of the meeting, when people dispersed, Siarhei Kaliakin and Uladzimir Shantsau were stopped by several police colonels, including the head of Mahiliou Leninski BBIA Siamionau. The police accused Kaliakin and Shantsau of organization of unauthorized meeting and demanded to come with them. According to Mr Shantsau, Kaliakin and he spent about 20 minutes in a corridor of the BBIA waiting for the policemen. Nobody came out, that’s why Shantsau and Kaliakin left the police station.