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Uladzimir Malei, Chair of Malaryta Headquarters of A.Milinkevich, Summonsed to KGB Worker Ihar Famin

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 1 March the chair of Malaryta town headquarters of Aliaksandr Milinkevich, was summonsed to the KGB worker Ihar Famin. The reason for the summons was the application of the deputy of the Chamber of Representatives of the National Assembly Nina Fedaruk, who accused Malei in threats to hear. She said that on 29 December 2005 he came to her ‘with the proposal to cooperate with the BPF Party. When I categorically refused, he started to threaten to me.’ According to her, Malei said: ‘We’ll show you at Belarusian maidan!’

In his explanations U.Malei categorically disproved the accusations. ‘We really spoke of cooperation, but then I asked why representatives of the opposition weren’t included into the election commissions of Brest. She answered it was beyond her competence and advised to apply to the Central Election Commission. There weren’t any threats from my side’.

Uladzimir Malei also expressed his indignation:
-- In 2004 we were rivals during the election to the Chamber of Representatives. What a shame is to descend to aspersion!

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