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New Internet site “Free Belarus” has been created in Poland in support of human rights

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Internet resource Wolna Bialorus (Free Belarus) is created to cover daily events in Belarus, “a country that continues to have political prisoners, where the free media have almost been eliminated by the regime, and where political reprisals happen every day”.
The site will register all human rights violations in the run-up to the elections in Belarus. The project leader Iakub Mikhalouski said: “The reprisals in Belarus, human rights violations - will appear on our site. Importantly, new information will appear every day. We will also inform you about actions of solidarity outside Belarus, which are happening in Poland”.
According to Mr. Iakubouski, the information at will also be translated in English.
The Wolna Bialorus initiative has registered with the corresponding state structures a Foundation for Support of Political Reprisals in Belarus. In April in Poland there will be a large concert in favor of the Belarusian democratic forces to be broadcasted by the Polish TV – information regarding who money could be transferred to this foundation will also appear on the TV screen, informed Radio Liberty.

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