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Belarusian Border Guards Don’t Let Abroad Anzhalika Borys, Chair of Unregistered Union of Poles in Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On the board the Belarusian guards refused to let out Anzhalika Borys, saying there was no space for their seal in her passport. She pointed she had two free pages where they could put it, but they ignored this objection.

-- This event reflects the general policy of the Belarusian authorities towards Poles. Anzhalika Borys was going to Poland to take part in the sitting of the consultative board of the World Polonia, to which she was invited by the chair of the Polish Senate. At the sitting the situation of Poles in Belarus and further cooperation with the Polish authorities were to have been discussed, -- commented to “Pahonia” Andzhei Pisalnik, press-secretary of the Union of Poles in Belarus (the one that is not recognized by the Belarusian authorities). – The authorities deprived Anzhalika Borys of the possibility to attend the sitting. The most interesting thing is that they put the seal in the driver’s passport, though they didn’t put it in the passport of Anzhalika Borys. Xerox copies of both passports have been already made and will receive the necessary publicity.

Andzhei Pisalnik said this scandal was not only elucidated by the Polish media, but also caused a great resonance in the official circles of Poland:
-- By such a deed the Belarusian authorities didn’t let the Polish Senate that cares for Poles all over the world to contact with a foreign Polish minority. It is a hostile action not only against the Poles in Belarus, but to the whole Polish Diaspora.

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