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College Board of Homel Regional Court Rejected Complain of Liquidator of Chernobyl Accident Consequences

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Vasil Siliverst complained against the refusal of Kalinkavichy District Court to admit his illnesses started immediately after he took part in liquidation of the consequences of Chernobyl tragedy.

On 2 February the college board of the regional court with the judge Eleanora Buiakova at the head rejected the cassation complaint of Vasil Siliverst and advised him to apply to Navabelichy District Court, where the regional expert soviet is situated, that refused to associate the liquidator’s illnesses with the work in Chernobyl.

-- The regional court actually threw the case away to Navabelichyy District Court, where the expert soviet is situated. The courts don’t want to decide the case in my favor. It is for Kalinkavichy District Court to state my illnesses started after Chernobyl. There are medical conclusions and many other documents and I have many witnesses, -- said Vasil Siliverst.

Vasil Siliverst has already spent much time to prove his right and get the state confess his health problems result from participation in liquidation of the consequences of Chernobyl accident. He applied to the Health Ministry and other high instances several times. However, both the regional and the national expert soviets refuse any connections between his disability and military service and work in Chernobyl.

In December-January Vasil Siliverst hungered for 35 days and stopped it only when the Health Ministry informed him the scientific-practical center Cardiology would conduct the independent expertise on the basis of the medical conclusions.

Recently the health minister Viktar Kalbanau sent a letter to Mr. Siliverst. He informed the liquidator that Cardiology center also decided not to associate his illnesses with Chernobyl.

A person, who served in Chernobyl together with Vasil Siliverst said to RFE/RL:
-- After the military mobilization for liquidation of the consequences of Chernobyl tragedy the state of my health got much worth. Three of the soldiers who took part in the liquidation together with us, have already died. The rest became disabled. All of them complain they have bad health.

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