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Andzhei Pisalnik, Chief Editor of “Glos znad Niemna” in emigration, Summonsed to Hrodna Regional Procurator’s Office

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

In the afternoon of 31 January Andzhei Pisalnik was summonsed to Veniamin Lukianau, senior assistant of the procurator. There he was informed the procurator’s office wash checking different articles that were published in “Glos znad Niemna” in emigration and “Magazyn Polski” in emigration” (the editions are called so because after the split of the Union of Poles in Belarus the part of the union that is supported by the Belarusian authorities continued the edition of the editions under their old names, whereas the other part decided to publish their variants of the editions in Poland, in emigration). Some of the “suspicious” articles were written by Mr. Pisalnik. Among them there is the article How Authorities Destroyed Union of Poles and the interview with Anzhalika Borys, the chair of the chair of the Union of Poles in Belarus, who is not officially recognized by the authorities. Andzhei Pisalnik refused to give any explanations.

Last week the procurator’s office summonsed his colleague Andrei Pachobut, chief editor of “Magazyn Polski” in emigration, who also refused to testify.

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