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The Central Election Commission reported that the collection of signatures for the candidates to the position of President did not have any "obstacles and significant conflicts.”

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The Central Election Commission informed that the signatures collected for candidates (Siarhei Haidukevich has 150 504 signatures, Alaiksandr Kazulin has 158 014 signatures, Aliaksandr Lukashenka has 1 905 637 signatures, and Aliaksandr Milinkevich has 198 798 signatures. The most important thing is the authenticity of the signatures. Now territorial commissions examine the authenticity of the signatures collected, and the results are going to presented to the Central Commission on February 11. The main activity of the Central Commission involves consulting of the territorial commissions about the examination of the signatures. To perform this task the Central Commission sent curators to the territorial commissions.
But the signatures were not properly calculated. For example, the Central Election Commission has discrepancies in the number of signatures collected for Milinkevich. The secretary of the Central Election Commission Mikhalai Lazavik said that the signature lists of the initiative groups of Milinkevich were delivered on the last day. He also said that the members of the initiative group of Zianon Pazniak worked in "a more honest way and their idea was the main force". But this candidate did not have "enough organization resource”'. The fact that Aliaksandr Lukashenka used his administrative power during the collection of signatures was commented on by the secretary of the Central Election Commission: “The representatives of the initiative groups of the opponents of the Lukashenka claim that the initiative groups of Lukashenka used his administrative power. But the citizens of Belarus did not inform the Central Commission about such facts and the Central Commission dos not have any ground for considering such a problem".
According to the Central Commission, the decision about the registration of the candidates can be made from 16 through 19 of December. The Central Commission is preparing the ruling on election campaign in media. The Commission plans to give each candidate an hour in the first program of the Belarusian radio and one hour on the First National Belarusian TV Channel.

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