On 26 January Andrei Pachobut was called to the regional procurator’s office for explanations

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He was told that they examined the information in the last two issues of the Magazyn Polski in emigration, of which he is charge as editor. However, Mr. Pachobut refused to provide explanations. A taxation service worker present in the procurator's office also wondered whether Polish journalists did not help pay the fine awarded for his participation in the unauthorized picket.
The procurator's office workers also wanted Andrei Pachobut to indicate the author of the articles and why the periodical does not have imprint. That he refused to give explanations was recorded into a repot, said the senior editor in an interview to Radio Liberty. According to him, the folder with the magazine-related materials was a large document of about 400 pages.
Mr. Pachobut said that the conversation with the senior assistant to the procurator of the region Mr. Lukianau ended in this way: “We had an impression that a lot had been done to prepare this issue. He said that charges have not been brought but they would be meeting quite often. I understand it is all about the "defamation of the Republic of Belarus".
Mr. Lukianau supervises the implementation of the state security laws in the regional procurator’s office.
A representative of the taxation service for Leninski Borough of Hrodna also was in the procurator's office. She wanted to know how Andrei Pachobut managed to pay a fine for participation in the unauthorized picket that took place in July in defense of the newspaper Glos znad Niemna. Then he was fined 5 million 100 thousand rubles.

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